Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ODC Round 2 2011 (First half of Day 2)

ODC Round 2 2011, Stadium Bukit Jalil Carpark - Bukit Jalil has been our all time favourite place for drift events. Back in the days during the year 2007, this is a frequent place for free drift practice sessions. I am so glad that ODC actually made it possible for us to drift in Bukit Jalil once more.

This time round Cheryl and I were taking different sides for once. Cheryl was helping Team Goodyear Sync Optima where I on the other hand was with Team Ee Yoong Cherng (GT Radial + Drift.com.my + Drift house). The management of the event did not manage to get any participants for their time attack category, a.k.a. Attaki. Therefore the drifters have an unexpected extended practice session. And........

Ivan's having his nap

Ariff's is in dreamland

Same goes for Jane

I had my time walking around looking for some photo opportunity plus to kill some time since the organizing team is having a hard time managing the event with their "fun and games"....

An overview of the track

Celebrating his first experience riding a LRT RapidKL

Then I did some carpark shootout on this beauties...

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more updates on the second half of Day 2 in ODC Round 2.

Mike Kong

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rockin' Saturday Night Drift Assault (Wet Track)

Credits to Lyzard for the awesome picture

At hard times like this, Saturday Night Drift Assault have made drifting affordable again by providing a very reasonable registration price and the best part would be WET TRACK!! Maybe some may disagree with me on this, but I enjoyed just as much as drifting on dry.....

The sole reason I was there is to find the chemistry between me n the 180sx. I find myself lacking of affection which had me in a dilemma for weeks...but the car turned out great! There are still a few things to tweak to make it better but nevertheless S-chassis is definitely a great platform to drift.

I would like to congratulate Wanbra and his boys whom did a great job organizing the event and making it a success. With over 400 spectators and twenty over cars drifting, it's a sign that there could be more coming! There's still room for improvement on the duration of wetting the track as it takes a little longer than expected.


Mike Kong

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Monday, September 12, 2011


Used JDM fenders
Fender piece (Type X)

After the sale of the KP61, I proceeded on to getting a "replacement". There's a lot of work needed to be done on this new old car thus a trip to Drift House seems most appropriate at this moment as they are the best parts provider when its about cars like these; and I need to make some progress on the car.

A little on reducing the front end weight with fragile fiberglass fenders. On top of that I'm planning trim off the inner rib of the hood too to bring the weight down. According to Joe-han, the hood on the RPS13 is the heaviest among all the S-chassis. Not forgetting the fender piece for the Type X bumpers which is given to me by Jon Kok also will be fitted =)

I've gotten a beautiful pair of front headlamps from Terence Lim (no picture available) and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for it. A big thank you to Drift House (for the parts) and Kian Workshop as well.


Mike Kong
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its time to be parted...

Yes, maybe some of you have heard, my beloved Toyota Starlet KP61 is officially sold. It has took me a long long while to be able to make up my mind to sell it off due to the affection I have for that car. I've been driving it since 2005, been through highs and lows, got it bone stock and from there I've made progress and learnt a lot along the way....

Sustegen man
Custom dash console

Hammerite on floor pan

1st big crash

Applying sponsor's decal

Practice at Putrajaya

The making of Squad D6 

Added some paints

Ready for ACE Round 1

The last competition


Mike Kong

p/s: I would like to apologize to my friend victor for selling this car. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Crazy bunch

A reminisce of our young and naive childhood, when we use to go all crazy when hanging out
with the crazy bunch :)

Gary, Sara, Joshua, Rachael and Rebecca has been our family friend ever since I could barely walk! We use to hang out, have fun and go crazy with them until they migrated to Australia circa 1999. We did not keep in touch with them ever since except for my mom who occasionally speak to Aunt Sara over the phone. After much pestering from my mom, Sara decided to have a family vacation around Asia and Malaysia would be one of their stops. During their stay in Butterworth, they met Ariff and Jane who decided to drop by for a visit. As conversation progresses on the drifting scene in Malaysia, the crazy bunch were all excited to have a ride in a drift car.

And so they did! Lucky them, it was one of the last few sessions in Mardi.

Becca was the first to jump in the car. hehe

Chris getting ready to go

Josh trying to figure a way to put on the 4 point harness

Sara's definitely feeling the excitement :)

Yes, we literally had to force old Gary to go for it. After the ride he said " That was nice, I want to go again! "

Going home with nothing but good memories. Hope to see u guys again!

Thanks again to Ariff for giving each of them a round or two in the champ car :)

With love,